Precinct 3 County Commissioner Candidate Michael Moore
Goes All In to Protect and Save the Katy Prairie
as Part of Our Region’s Natural Infrastructure

“Let the Katy Prairie and our existing nature-based infrastructure be the sponge that soaks up floodwaters heading downstream toward our homes in Harris County.”

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Michael Moore, the Democratic nominee for Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3, pledged today to make conserving and enhancing our prairies and riparian forests, including the Katy Prairie, a priority for Harris County – for flood mitigation, erosion control and for future generations to enjoy.

Michael Moore said:

“Let the Katy Prairie and our existing nature-based infrastructure be the sponge that soaks up floodwaters heading downstream toward our homes in Harris County. When it comes to saving the Katy Prairie, I’m all in.”

“We are investing billions of dollars to build flood prevention infrastructure – let’s preserve and enhance the natural infrastructure that already exists, and at the same time save the green spaces that contribute to our quality of life in a rapidly growing county.”

As the chief of staff to the mayor of Houston for six years, Moore has extensive experience moving local government initiatives through a complex bureaucracy. Moore has also been endorsed by flooding expert Jim Blackburn.

Blackburn said, “Michael Moore is my choice for county commissioner because he is best qualified to protect our homes and families from flooding.”

Moore pledged to put his experience to work to achieve the following six priorities as county commissioner:

  1. Increase protected/preserved lands in Harris County. We should strive to double the Harris County portion of the Katy Prairie Conservancy and double the current 10,000 acres under their control. The state and federal governments should be part of this resiliency effort.
  2. Restore the land on the Katy Prairie, riparian forests and many other nature-based infrastructure areas with native grasses, trees and other vegetation. The restoration will be a benefit to the entire community by reducing the risk of flooding, improving our air and water quality, providing thousands of pounds in carbon sequestration and creating more recreational access.
  3. Enlarge and enhance land on both sides of all waterways throughout Harris County on our creeks, bayous and large green spaces – to keep people safe from flooding.
  4. Help promote continued creation of a precinct-wide trail system connecting residents in Precinct 3 to the Katy Prairie and to multiple parks and other green spaces in the precinct, including reservoirs, levees, detention areas and utility corridors.
  5. Limit major thoroughfares through the Katy Prairie Conservancy and keep existing roads as minor connector roads.
  6. Advocate at the state and federal levels to designate the Katy Prairie Conservancy as state or federal protected lands. Also advocate to increase protected/preserved lands in line with the eight-county Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan, and Goal 16 of the Resilient Houston Plan to conserve 24 percent of undeveloped regional lands as natural spaces by 2040.

Moore will explore the creation of a public-private partnership with the Katy Prairie Conservancy, the lead non-profit involved in Katy Prairie conservation and the largest local land conservation organization, by acreage, in southeast Texas; the Bayou Land Conservancy and other interested parties in nature-based infrastructure preservation.

Moore will also work with our local delegations to secure funding and partnerships from the state and federal government, including making Katy Prairie conservation efforts a significant priority in the county’s lobbying activities.

In his endorsement Jim Blackburn added, “I’ve seen Michael do some serious heavy lifting in local government – on hurricane response, transportation, parks and greenspace – that is directly relevant to the massive challenges ahead of us.” Jim Blackburn has been practicing environmental and flooding law in Houston for four decades. Blackburn has written extensively on flooding in Houston and formed the Bayou City Initiative, a non-profit associated with flooding, after Hurricane Harvey.

Blackburn added, “Michael Moore’s proven track record in local government shows he can get the job done.”

Michael Moore is the Democratic nominee for County Commissioner, Precinct 3. Michael served as Houston Mayor Bill White’s chief of staff, helping to oversee a general fund budget of nearly $2 billion and a workforce of more than 20,000. He was former Mayor White’s point person for Houston’s response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike. Michael is the co-chair of Commissioner Garcia’s Senior Care Facility Coronavirus Task Force. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

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