Michael Moore believes in public service. Having served as the Chief of Staff to former Houston Mayor Bill White, he knows firsthand how important local government is to the everyday lives of Harris County residents. 

Today, he is running for Precinct 3 Commissioner to make real progress on the issues that matter most to our communities. From flood control to health care, transportation to government transparency, Michael Moore has the experience and ideas to tackle our challenges head on, move our region forward, and make a real difference. 

Flood Mitigation

Our region is dealing with the effects of Climate Change. Stronger and more frequent storms and floods have shown that we’re not where we need to be in protecting our communities. Michael understands we cannot deal with the effects of flooding on a piecemeal basis. He will work to implement a countywide and regional approach to ensure that all levels of government are coordinating efforts.

Michael will push to both expedite projects already underway and advocate for new investments from the state and federal government. The Corp of Engineers must speed up its assessments of adding more capacity to the two current reservoirs and any plans for a third reservoir. The Harris County Flood Control District needs to be fully funded for the distant future. We will need to invest in and promote more green infrastructure. Additionally, we must save what is left of the Katy Prairie and use it as a sponge for heavy rainfall. There is a lot more to be done. 

Transportation and Transit Solutions

Harris County will be adding a million more citizens over the coming decades. We need to begin working now on how we deal with this rapid growth, and nowhere is that more crucial than on the issue of transportation. 

Michael will push for alternative transit methods as well as upgrades to our existing infrastructure. He will work to expand METRO’s MetroNext plan and support transit-oriented development, including more bike paths and sidewalks where there are none. He will encourage the development of more congestion relief strategies like telecommuting and the successful Tow and Go (SafeClear) program that he helped implement. Tow and Go assists over 4,000 stranded motorists a month on our freeways.  

Michael will push the state and federal governments for much-needed investments, including federal funds to widen and deepen the Port of Houston to support more economic growth and good jobs. Michael will also support legislation to ensure that TxDOT is focused on all transit methods, including high speed rail. 

Expanding Access to Health Care and Improving Community Wide Health and Wellness

Almost twenty percent of Harris County residents are uninsured – double the national average. The county needs to double its efforts to bring down these rates, improve access to affordable health care, and invest in improving our community wide health and wellness. 

Michael will coordinate with other large counties, business organizations, and community groups, to lobby Austin to expand access to Medicaid and take in more Medicare dollars from the federal government. We are leaving billions of health care dollars on the table for political posturing, hurting our most vulnerable residents. That needs to end!

As our County Commissioner, Michael will push for each precinct to develop an action plan to encourage individuals to sign up for insurance through the state exchange. He will examine expansion of the pilot program that purchases insurance for the most frequent recipients of health services into the Harris Health System through the exchange – potentially saving taxpayer dollars and improving health care reliability and outcomes. 

Michael will also push to improve our community wide health and wellness programs. Improving the overall health of our community will pay long-term dividends for all including those who pay for much of it, property taxpayers. 

Clean Air and Water for Every Resident

Michael has years of experience fighting for cleaner air and water for our residents. While serving as Chief of Staff to former Houston Mayor Bill White, he was part of the successful fight to reduce the amount of benzene and butadiene (both cancer causing) that were released into the air. They also were willing to stand up with other cities to stop the permitting of 8 new coal fired power plants.

As our County Commissioner, Michael will work to hold the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality accountable to clean up our environment and make it healthier for our families and future generations.

Michael knows clean air and clean water are not only good for public health, but also for our economy. That’s why he will work with industry wherever possible, and when necessary, hold them accountable.

Improving Government Transparency

Harris County Government needs an overhaul in transparency. The current commissioners court is making great progress, but more needs to be done. 

Michael will work to bring government out of the back rooms and to the people. First, he’ll request on-line publication of the full, detailed county budgets for all commissioners’ precincts. That is the only way we can examine and compare these budgets to fix any inequitable issues. 

Community Engagement 

Michael will be a proactive commissioner who is out in the community every day. He will establish a new community outreach team for Precinct 3 that will be responsible for establishing communications in every neighborhood and is reflective of the precinct. He will provide community members with multiple opportunities to be heard, through community meetings, town halls (in person and by phone), and digital engagement. Michael will actively work with civic clubs, business organizations, and non-profit groups to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and a prediction of a stronger hurricane season have demonstrated more than ever the need for experienced leaders who make data driven decisions to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Michael has the experience needed to prepare for and respond to crises. He was former Mayor Bill White’s point person for Houston’s response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike and has worked with local, state and federal emergency responders. As County Commissioner, Michael will put his experience to work, working to ensure that the county and its residents are adequately prepared for emergencies.

You can access our Emergency Preparedness Kit here.